Semih Erken-Surveys show what travelers are thinking after the Pandemic

Semih Erken

Travelers who are now scared or let say concerned of the Covid-19 pandemic surveyed that 79% of them wouldn’t even dare to take a domestic flight, where as 54% of the participants may dare to travel only by their own vehicle, thus might not that far.

Experts from Magma Global asked 2000 survey participants in the United States “Assuming all travel restrictictions are lifted after 2 months”; hence the results Show that travelers dare not to travel sometime soon. It seems there won’t be much far destinations expected as most of the participants would not even dare to take any domestic flight. 

The Survey analysis shows that one of the most interesting travel destinations Europe has lost lot’s of its creditibility. Paris’ Louvre, marvellous evenings of Prague, Munich’s Oktoberfest, romantic streets of Budapest, London’s stunning Palaces, The Ristorante’s of Rome… Seems those all will just remain a sweet history or perhaps just in the dreams for some time. A poor 7% of the participants would like to fly to Europe, where 42% might only fly once they got injected the vaccine. 

Is Asia going to be history now?

The Survey result hit Asia at the worst. Only 3% would “dare” to fly to Asia, yet 66% say that they may fly to the beautiful gardens of Japan, the Great Wall of China, the colorful shopping streets of South Korea, tropical beaches of Thailand or crazy Hong Kong night life once they have the vaccine injected.

Am afraid the magnificent Cruise Ships may have to dock for long years as 61% of the survey participants say that they would never ever any more would take a Cruise Ship, though 21% say that they would try once they would have been injected the vaccine. Well… what is left there anyhow?

Survey participants may only travel via their own vehicle

54% may take the car and drive to the surroundings, 65% may dare to g oto a restaurant only after 4-5 months, where 12% of the participants would never ever g oto a restaurant without the vaccine injected. 86% will not go to any big sports event or any concert and sadly 42% would wait for the vaccine until they may attend a conference. Are we on the same page? Do you read what the numbers say?

Let’s have an understanding then what those brave travelers prefer if they would travel soon. We should also mention that the survey participants may travel on business and/or leisure.

People will be avoiding having Travel Agency services anymore!

74% of the participants don’t want to have Travel Agency services anymore. (That’s a game changer result that I should dig in on my next column.

73% would stay at a Boutique Hotel only, 51% would prefer a private residence/villa, 60% would book a well-known International Hotel Brand, 96% of the participants would try to find a property with high maintenance & cleaning score and 80% will pay attention that the booking would be able to cancel without penalty. The survey participants placed some interesting notes too; they prefer very limited human contact and they would like to have the room cleaned every 4-5 days.

The Humanity is going through a tough challenge. Apparently it is obvious that people won’t dare to travel, where they even are afraid of going to work.

Stay safe

Semih Erken

Oriental Media Group – Managing Director

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